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Three Quarters of American Adults Show Support for Solar and Wind Energy

published: 2011-02-11 16:42

A survey conducted by an industry research firm revealed on February 7th that, out of more than 1000 American adults, over 50% percent respondents are holding positive attitude toward the following clean technologies: solar technology (79%), wind power (75%), hybrid electric vehicle (64%), electric vehicles (57%).

The survey shows that 47% percent respondents are supportive for biofuel and clean coal. The percentages of respondents for nuclear power generation, smart meters and smart grid are 42%, 37% and 37% respectively. 24%, 19% and 15% of respondents showed support for Carbon rights, LED green building certification, greenhouse gas cap and trade.

Data Analyst, Elizabeth Salerno, at American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Industrial said on January 24th that wind power cost has been declined in the past 2 years to $0.05~0.06/kWh which is equal to the cost of natural gas.

The President of United State of America set up a new target for energy consumption in "State of the Union address" on January 25th that states he hopes by 2035 80% percent electricity in U.S.A. can be generated from clean energy, including wind power, solar tech, Nuclear power, clean coal and natural gas.

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