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The Comparison between Multi-Si Cells and Mono-Si Cells

published: 2011-06-23 15:19

Compared to mono-si cells, multi-si cells hold the following characteristics:

1. Compared to mono-si wafer, multi-si wafer is more compatible with raw materials with low purity, not to mention its bigger loading capacity. Currently, the weights of most polysilicon ingots go up to 450 to 650 kilograms.

2. multi-si cells are square-shaped while the shape of monosilicon solar battery is not perfectly square with curves on the corners, which gives the former higher mark-space ratio in terms of component package.

3. The manufacturing process of polysilicon ingot requires less power than the manufacturing process of monosilicon ingot, which means with the same amount of time, more polysilicon ingots can be condensed; therefore, higher manufacturing efficiency can be achieved.

4. Under the same circumstances, polysilicon solar cell and monosilicon solar cell have the same lifespan.

5. Monosilicon solar cell is more compatible with thin-film process than polysilicon solar cell.

In conclusion, both types of solar cells have their respective strengths and weaknesses and are still developing.

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