The Bioenergy Can Slow Down the Climate Change

published: 2010-06-04 14:52 | editor: | category: News

According to the research report from Lund University in Sweden, bioenergy is more environmental friendly and cleaner than traditional mineral fuel, such as petrol, diesel oil, etc.

The researchers in Lund University have done extensive researches on various bioenergy, including the biogas from sugarbeet, waste and excrement, the biodiesel produced by rape flowers, and the alcohol of wheat, sugarbeet, and sugarcane. They have also analyzed the influences on the environment in the process of bioenergy Utilization.

From the research, the biogas from human and animal excrement is the most energy efficient, which can also reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions greatly, even the biofuel with the worst energy efficiency, can also produce less greenhouse-gas than traditional mineral fuels

The biofuel production has been disputed for long time, and some people believe that the biofuel will waste more resources, instead of greenhouse-gas emissions.

From the point view of the researchers in Lund University, if the energy crop has been planted extensively in the land for food crop in the world, the negative effects will do arise, but now the planting areas for energy crop in the world are far from that level. In conclusion, the biofuel will release less greenhouse-gas, compared with the traditional mineral fuel, such as petrol, diesel oil, etc.

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