Lithium Battery

SVOLT to Accelerate Development of Na-Ion Batteries

published: 2023-01-12 9:30
At an industry seminar held on December 22 to discuss technologies related to Na-ion batteries, Jiang Weijun, director of SVOLT Energy, disclosed that his company has built the first-generation prototype for Na-ion battery. The energy density of the prototype is 100Wh/kg. ...  more

Tinci Has Successfully Submitted GDR Application to CSRC

published: 2023-01-12 9:30
Tinci Materials, a major Chinese supplier for materials used in Li-ion batteries, has submitted its application for issuing of GDRs and listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange to China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). ...  more

New Breakthrough in Lithium Battery Studies Finds External Magnetic Field to Inhibit Dendrite Growth

published: 2023-01-09 9:30
Scientists, in the midst of numerous battery energy storage technology in the new era, have placed high hopes on lithium batteries, and are looking to further prolong the battery of smartphones and the driving range of EVs by improving energy density. South Korean scientists have now proposed a new electrolyte solution that increases the stability of lithium batteries. ...  more

Enpack Enters Market for Battery Materials and Will Invest RMB 3 Billion to Build Plant for Manufacturing Composite Copper Foil in Jiangsu

published: 2023-01-05 9:30
Enpack, a major Chinese supplier for metal packaging solutions, announced on December 23 that it signed a letter of intent on cooperation with the administration of Gaoyou Development Zone. According to this letter, Enpack will invest around RMB 3 billion to build a plant for manufacturing composite copper foil and aluminum foil used in Li-ion batteries that power new energy vehicles. The Gaoyou Development Zone is located in China’s Jiangsu Province. ...  more

Stanford Researchers Develop Fireproof Lithium-ion Batteries with Electrolyte Salt

published: 2022-12-12 16:15
High flammability has been the biggest problem that needs to be solved for lithium-ion batteries. A few days ago, a research team in Stanford University made a breakthrough by developing a non-flammable electrolyte that prevents the battery from catching fire even when exposed to flame. The researchers solved the long-standing safety issue associated with lithium-ion batteries by using a simple tactic: adding more salt. ...  more