Lithium Battery

EVE Will Invest CNY 10 Billion in Battery Manufacturing Base in Shenyang

published: 2022-10-20 9:30
Major Chinese battery supplier EVE continues to undertake huge capacity expansion and investment projects. On September, it released three separate announcements revealing that it has injected capital into BTR, acquired a stake in Rifu Lithium Industry, and signed agreements to build a manufacturing base in Shenyang. ...  more

Ganfeng Will Invest Another RMB 30 Billion in Yichun, Asia’s Lithium Capital

published: 2022-10-13 9:30
Major Chinese lithium supplier Ganfeng Lithium maintains an aggressive pace in its investment activities. On September 28, it disclosed that it has signed a new strategic cooperation agreement with the government of Yichun for the joint development of a project that encompasses lithium resources, Li-ion battery materials, new types of Li-ion batteries, and products for various energy storage applications. Ganfeng signed this agreement just after it had announced a capital injection of more than RMB 6 billion into GFL International and Jiangxi Lingneng Lithium Industry. Yichun is a city in China’s Jiangxi Province. ...  more

Rongke Power Constructed Largest VRB Plant in the World at 100MW

published: 2022-10-12 9:30
Flow batteries are long in lifespan, and convenient in assembly and expansion, while also capable of storing 1-20 hours of batteries. Chinese vanadium redox battery (VRB) supplier Rongke Power has now constructed the largest VRB energy storage plant in Liaoning, which is scheduled to commence operation starting from October. ...  more

Another Chinese Battery Supplier Set Up Shop Overseas – Jiangsu Azure Announces Plan for a 10GWh Cylindrical Battery Plant in Malaysia

published: 2022-10-05 9:30
Jiangsu Azure (also known as Jiangsu Aucksun), a Chinese supplier for Li-ion batteries used in various types of equipment and energy storage systems, announced on September 23 that it plans to invest USD 280 million in a battery manufacturing plant in Malaysia. The plant will be developed through a new wholly-owned local subsidiary and have a production capacity of 10GWh per year for cylindrical batteries. ...  more

Sunwoda and Dongfeng Motor to Jointly Invest RMB 12 Billion in 30GWh Power Battery Manufacturing Project

published: 2022-10-03 9:30
The global power battery market is growing rapidly thanks to the boom in the global EV market. At the same time, the demand gap for power batteries continues to widen. In view of this situation, battery suppliers have partnered with carmakers to develop power battery manufacturing projects. This type of joint venture is gradually emerging as a major trend. ...  more

Farnlet Starts Construction on New Electrolyte Production Plant in Anqing

published: 2022-09-28 9:30
Farnlet New Energy Technology held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new production plant in the Anqing Hi-Tech Zone on September 28. The plant will be used to manufacture electrolytes for Li-ion batteries and have a production capacity of 150,000 tons per year. The Anqing Hi-Tech Zone is within China’s Anhui Province. ...  more