CATL: RMB 32 Billion Project in Yichang Has Entered Operation and RMB 10 Billion Project in Ningde Has Been Completed

published: 2022-09-29 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Leading Chinese battery supplier CATL continues to aggressively pursue capacity expansion and vertical integration. CATL has recently disclosed the latest progress made in its new manufacturing projects in Yichang (Hubei Province) and Ningde (Fujian Province).

Integrated New Energy Base in Yichang Has Been Activated

Source: CATL

On September 27, CATL held a ceremony to inaugurate its integrated new energy base located in the Yichang Hi-Tech Zone. According to the information made available by CATL, the project comprises facilities operated by three entities under its subsidiary Brunp. The investment in the project totals RMB 32 billion. With the activation, the base now enters the pilot production phase.

The integrated new energy base synergizes activities of several key sections of the battery supply chain: phosphate mining, raw materials, precursors, cathode materials, and battery recycling. The base will thus be involved in a substantial portion of the lifecycle of battery products. As it commences operation, the base can be ramped up to meet the battery cathode demand of 4 million NEVs per year. CATL said this project will raise efficiency of its capability in drawing the supply of materials from the upstream, thereby improving the resiliency of its supply chain and securing the resources it needs.

Li-Ion Power Battery Production Base in Ningde Has Finished Construction

Source: The People’s Daily Online

On the same day that the inauguration of the project in Yichang was held, CATL also announced through online broadcasts the completion of several other projects. The company stated that a total of 16 major projects finished construction in the third quarter, entailing around RMB 12.944 billion in investments. According to the reporting by The People’s Daily Online, the new Li-ion power battery production base in Jiaocheng District of Ningde has a total production capacity of 59GWh for battery cells and modules. Built in two phases, the base comprises a cell production facility, a module assembly facility, a warehouse complex, a dormitory complex, and other supporting infrastructure. Once fully ramped up, the base is expected to generate an annual output value of around RMB 60 billion.

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