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To Solve Green Power Financing Dilemma, Sunnyfounder and Bank SinoPac Establish Exclusive Green Electricity Trust

published: 2022-09-29 9:30

In the past, Taiwan faced difficulties such as the inability of small and medium-sized enterprises to buy green electricity and the difficulty of supplying green electricity to most optoelectronics companies. The difficulty of financing renewable energy is the main reason for the two aforementioned issues. In this regard, electricity seller, Sunshine Volt, and Bank SinoPac took the lead in launching a "Renewable Energy Exclusive Trust Model" through innovative breakthroughs in finance, information, and technology, which is the most common issue of green electricity transaction cash flow custody for small and medium-sized enterprises.

This innovative trust service aims to improve the safety of electricity purchase or resale among companies, power generation industry, and electricity sales industry. It not only assists the transition of renewable energy from a complete "policy subsidy" to a "market mechanism," and facilitates the formation of a liberalized market for electricity trading, but also assists Taiwan's renewable energy development in line with global trends, strengthens its own renewable energy production capacity, and eases the pressure of green power adoption in domestic export-oriented industries

Through an exclusive trust model for renewable energy, the Sunnyfounder family facilitated the power generation company J&V Energy to complete the conversion of financing agreements for its solar power plants this year and successfully transferred green power to domestic enterprises, becoming the first trust case for financing power plants to transfer green power. This move can help power generation operators to get out of Taipower's wholesale electricity system and obtain higher rates than wholesale electricity prices. Through the three-to-one service provided by Sunnyfounder, companies can enter the market at a low threshold and access the best opportunities for green electricity trading.

Sunnyfounder founder Edison Feng pointed out, as the first company in Taiwan to obtain a renewable energy sales license, Sunnyfounder is committed to actualizing a liberalized trading market for green electricity. The renewable energy trust model in cooperation with Bank SinoPac is not only expected to trigger a large number of power generation companies to invest in green power production, but also break the financing credit evaluation dilemma faced by small and medium-sized enterprises when purchasing green power, lower the threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain green power, and make the use of green power a trend for domestic enterprises. International competition is a help rather than a hindrance, thereby improving the overall level of renewable energy development in Taiwan.

Bank SinoPac stated that cooperation with Sunnyfounder to introduce the green electricity trust platform project has the advantages of professional management of trust funds and dedicated funds, avoiding risks such as capital movement, and strengthening the cash flow safety management mechanism of Sunnyfounder's electricity purchase and resale. It can also promote mutual trust between green energy and electricity generation, purchase and sale of electricity, create a win-win situation for all parties, and create a new milestone in the healthy development of the renewable energy ecosystem.


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