Hybrid Energy Expands Portfolio: Carbon Capture & Sequestration Market $221 Billion by 2030

published: 2010-06-11 16:01 | editor: | category: News

Hybrid Energy Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HYBE) announced today the official launch of the Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CSS) Acquisition and Development Project as it further diversifies its assets and enhances its revenue potential. This sector will be an active and important part of the Company's technology portfolio under its recently announced New Energy Initiative. Shareholders can expect updates on new asset acquisitions and further sector announcements as the company executes its portfolio growth strategy.

As industry and political leaders consider future policy related to climate change, one of the most high-profile approaches for the mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions lies in carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). Because emissions from large point sources such as power plants and industrial facilities are a primary driver of GHGs, CCS is considered by many to be a required set of technologies to slow, if not reverse, the expected rise in the Earth's temperature.

The Company is assessing available CSS assets and assembling experienced cross-functional teams to guide the CSS Acquisition and Development Project through the innovation, acquisition, technological adaptation, and system integration development phases; the required steps to successful commercialization.

The Company will complete its due diligence regarding a select group of nascent CSS assets and operations and issue investor updates accordingly.

The CSS Acquisition and Development Project, together with the Solar Energy Acquisition and Development Project, will increase the Company's revenue and shareholder value.

The Company recently announced Phase II of its growth and acquisition strategy and the diversification and expansion of its current asset holdings with the launch of its "New Energy Initiative." The Company has successfully established a strong and growing asset base of clean energy producing operations with strong recurring profits and cash-flows. The company will continue its aggressive acquisition and development initiatives in the New Energy sector, which includes Clean Energy, Energy Smart Technologies and Carbon Capture & Storage.

The Company recently signed a Letter of Intent to acquire assets in a transaction valued at $18 million. The transaction is equity-based transaction with no issuance of debt or use of cash reserves.

The Company's long-range goals embrace complete conversion to sustainable and alternative energy sources as its primary portfolio focus. The company's current portfolio exceeds $200,000,000 in known reserves with active and profitable energy production across several properties. The Company will release projections and estimates of portfolio valuation and revenues as current acquisitions mature.

About Hybrid Energy Holdings Hybrid Energy Holdings (HEH) acquires and operates profitable energy companies with strong historical cash-flow and sustainable profitability. The Company acquires sector-specific technology and assets as part of its Phase II Clean Energy Initiative. HEH's prior Phase I foundation building acquisitions focused primarily on traditional and proven fuel production. The company now turns its growth strategy to adding the latest in energy conservation and power co-generation technologies. HEH may acquire nascent energy technology or rights as portfolio enhancing assets. HEH's primary business strategy is the acquisition of diverse, profitable energy related assets that provide synergistic profits and revenue enhancements across all portfolio companies.

HEH believes its combination of profitability and mitigated-risk funding structures provides long-term shareholder equity appreciation.

Safe-Harbor Statement This release contains statements or projections regarding future performance that are forward-looking statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of certain risks and uncertainties. The company's filings contain various RISK FACTORS (and are incorporated on the Company's website "Investors" section by reference) and should be read before any investment decision.

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