Solar Firm Brings World Cup to Africa's Largest Slum

published: 2010-06-23 15:35 | editor: | category: News

Residents of Kibera, sub-Saharan Africa's largest slum settlement will have an opportunity to watch the FIFA 2010 World Cup live from South Africa, thanks to solar power technology developed by youths in the slums, with technical assistance from, a Swiss-based Not for Profit Organisation (NPO).

"Thanks to solar power, the residents of Kibera can now watch the World Cup. The Kibera youths have now conquered the power of the sun", Mr. Joshiah Ramogi, the executive director, said.

According to Ramogi, besides giving the slum residents an opportunity to watch the World Cup like the other well-to-do Kenyans, the 'solar soccer' project will showcase solar products made in the slum using Swiss technology.

"We want to show the residents of the slums the benefits of solar technology. We want to convince them to adopt new solar LED technology that will benefit them and their children." has partnered in this project with Greenpeace and Kibera Community Youth Programme (KCYP), the slum-based youth organisation that produces and sells LED lamps.

Between 300-1000 people per day will watch free of charge the World Cup matches that will be beamed live on a large screen. The solar power station will be a source of power for a projector and TV receiver. It is a robust compact plug and go solar system that does not require any complex wiring. This will be like an open-air cinema powered solely by solar power. The solar power station can provide light, charge mobile phones and other small devices.

The live transmission of the matches will be powered using a solar box. At the end of the World Cup, the solar box will be installed in one of the nearest schools to provide power for various needs.

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