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Photovoltaic Array To Be Used For Public Education

published: 2010-06-24 15:52

Public officials in Vermont are using a new photovoltaic array as part of their efforts to educate people about the advantages of clean energy.

The photovoltaic array operated by Central Vermont Public Services is located in the town of Rutland and generates about 50 kilowatts of electricity, which under optimal sun conditions can generate enough energy to power several dozen homes.

"We felt it was important to not just build the solar array, but to make it accessible to the public so people could learn about the project and renewable energy production," said utility president Bob Young. "We are quite proud of the fact that we have arguably the cleanest power supply in the nation, but we also wanted to explain in simple terms the complexities of renewable energy generation."

School groups and other organizations will be able to take guided tours of the photovoltaic array, which also boasts six museum-style displays featuring solar and other clean energy technologies.

In the announcement, Vermont Governor Jim Douglas said the array "will be much more than just a solar project," citing the wind and hydro power generation activities that also underway at this location.

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