Bergé Automoción Delivers the First Electric Vehicles—Byd F3dm to Endesa

published: 2010-07-22 16:13 | editor: | category: News

Endesa received the first two electric vehicles (EVs)—BYD F3DM from Bergé Automoción, the distributor of BYD AUTO in Spain. Under the agreement signed between the two companies in April to jointly develop e-mobility in Spain. Both companies are keen to develop e-mobility as a way of stepping up the fight against climate change.

BYD’s DM electric vehicle is a combination of “EV+HEV”,which stand for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles respectively and it takes advantage of multiple energy sources via both recharging and refueling. It is believed that this advanced system will eventually take the place of conventional hybrid systems and become the most popular hybrid vehicle system in the world.

The F3DM electric vehicle system integrates an advanced generator with a motor controller, resulting in lower fuel consumption and emissions, as well as more power and performance. The combined output of F3DM is 168hp (125kw), and the EVs have nearly 100 kilometres of autonomyin electric model and over 500 kilometres in hybrid mode.

This delivery falls under the agreement signed between the two companies whereby Endesa will install and supply recharging points at Bergé Automoción’s plants, while Bergé Automoción will supply electric vehicles for the various pilot projects being developed by Endesa.

The two vehicles will be used in the “SmartCity” project, headed by Endesa and conducted in Malaga, involving the development of a new energy management model for cities to achieve energy savings of 20% and a reduce CO2 emissions by over 6,000 tonnes per year.

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