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BYD Aims For "Pollution-Free" All-Electric Car

published: 2010-08-10 15:30

As an enterprise that stretches across battery and automotive fields, coupled with its great technology in the battery field, BYD holds the leading position in the promotion of the R&D of electric cars.
It is reported that the BYD F0, which was selected into the "energy saving vehicle"list, is going to launch a patriotic edition Scirocco (Shangku). Apart from being upgraded and improved on the original model, Scirocco is equipped with USB, SD and MP3 digital products. All models of the F0 will be granted the 3000 yuan subsidy.

A source from BYD said that in addition to the F0, BYD's F3 and F6 models are also great in terms of fuel efficiency. Any models that are going to be produced in the future will focus on energy-saving and low-emission. "We will see other models of BYD on the future list of fuel-efficient vehicles,"the source from BYD told the reporter.

Back in the end of 2008, BYD launched its dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM, which is independent of charging station. This move enables BYD to take a lead of two to three years ahead of Europe, America and Japan's launching plans for hybrid electrical vehicle.

BYD said the dual-mode electric vehicle is a transitional model, and BYD's ultimate goal is all-electric car that is completely free from pollution.

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