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KYOCERA Modules Installed at NFI's Cherry Hill, NJ Warehouse

published: 2010-09-10 14:22

KYOCERA Solar, Inc. announced the completion of a 1.322MW solar PV system at NFI’s Cherry Hill, New Jersey warehouse. NFI is a national leader in the transportation and logistics industry that has been recognized throughout the United States and internationally for its groundbreaking “green” initiatives supporting sustainability, including the recent creation of its new division NFI Solar.

KYOCERA provided over 6,100 KD215GX-LPU modules for the roof on NFI’s 290,000 square foot warehouse. The installation is capable of producing 1.322 MW, or about 1.4 million kilowatt hours of energy, which is enough to power about 200 homes for a year. The system will help reduce NFI’s electric bill by up to $25,000 a year.

“NFI Solar had a lot of choices when it came time to select a module,” said Chris Brown, Sales Manager for KYOCERA Solar. “KYOCERA’s 35 years in the solar industry, 25 years of real world performance data, and huge portfolio of satisfied customers world-wide clearly demonstrate that ours was the most reliable product for NFI Solar.”

The solar electric system was designed by Whitman Co, a New Jersey-based environmental and engineering firm, and was installed by Pro-Tech Energy Solutions. Solare Development Group contracted the design, installation and procurement of material on behalf of NFI Solar. NFI Solar provided project financing and will be the long term owner and manager of the solar asset.

“Since NFI Solar is the long term owner of the system, we needed to choose a highly reliable PV module with a proven track record in the field,” said Jordan Brown, CEO of NFI Solar (and no relation to KYOCERA’s Chris Brown). “KYOCERA Solar modules were perfect for this application.”

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