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New Low Carbon Vehicle Programme to Deliver a Revolution in Performance of Premium Electric Cars

published: 2010-09-17 14:09

The Technology Strategy Board alongside the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) has announced funding for the next stage of its Integrated Delivery Programme (IDP) Competition for Low Carbon Vehicles. A consortium of automotive partners has been awarded £9.5million to expand and enhance technology for range extended electric vehicles (REEV) in the premium sector in a research project called REEVolution.

Theconsortium partners – Jaguar Land Rover, Lotus Engineering, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, THINK, Axeon, EVO Electric and Xtrac – will contribute between them a total of £11million to the programme which, in addition to the competition funding makes a £20million project investment in the future of low carbon vehicle technologies. The consortium companies will collaborate over the next two years to develop advanced electric powertrains and a greater understanding of the commercial requirements needed for high performance electric and range extended electric vehicles. The work will accelerate the development of new technologies and key commodities whilst laying the foundations for a globally competitive supply base.

The REEVolution programme is the next phase of a previously successful project led by Jaguar Land Rover and involved Lotus Engineering called Limo Green, a series hybrid range extended electric Jaguar XJ. The project was part funded by the Technology Strategy Board and the concept demonstrator delivered sub 120g/km tailpipe CO2, had fuel consumption bettering 57mpg, a top speed of 180mph, an overall range of 600 miles and in Electric Vehicle (EV) mode, an impressive 30 miles. This new project will develop components and systems, as demonstrated on Limo Green, onto global levels of quality and reliability as required by production vehicles.

Speaking on behalf of the consortium, Pete Richings, Chief Engineer of Hybrid Technology at lead partner Jaguar Land Rover said: “REEVolution is going to take us to the next level of understanding in delivering high end performance on premium and desirable electric and hybrid cars. With three demonstration vehicle programmes from three companies, Jaguar Land Rover, Lotus and Nissan, the learning and feedback from this project will be invaluable on the road to vehicle electrification.”

The REEVolution target is to deliver advanced Jaguar, Lotus and Nissan engineering demonstrator vehicles with a sub 50g/km tailpipe CO2 emissions, which is typically a 70-75% saving over a similar vehicle with a conventional powertrain. These vehicles will benefit from technology developed by each of the consortium partners in the project and further the EV and HEV competency in the UK. The knowledge and results from this REEVolution project will also feed into the development of next generation components from the emerging UK supply base.

Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board, said: “The work that we are doing through the Low Carbon Vehicles Integrated Delivery Programme reinforces the Automotive Council’s focus on both supply chain and technology.  Both these areas will be vital if the mass production of low carbon vehicles in the UK is to become a reality.  We are delighted to support the REEVolution project, which will develop new technologies while helping to build a globally competitive supply base.”

The funding for REEVolution was awarded as part of Stage 4 of the Technology Strategy Board’s Low Carbon VehicleIntegrated Delivery Programme Competition.

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