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China Southern Power Grid and BYD Partner for Grid Energy Storage Solution

published: 2010-09-29 14:57

BYD signed a contract with China Southern Power Grid (CSPG) for a large-scale, grid-connected, 3MW×4h energy storage station (ESS) after the contract with China’s Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) for 1MW energy storage station (ESS) recently. BYD is delivering the World’s first megawatt-level, environmentally-friendly, iron-phosphate (Fe) battery storage stations for commercial use. With this installation, BYD will lead the World in installed battery-energy-storage systems and is helping to lead what many call “a new energy revolution in China”.

“BYD is a young and promising company experiencing dynamic growth,” Buffett said in his first visit to the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, where the manufacturer is based. “BYD will play a leading role in the future.”

This 3MW×4h ESS has begun construction in Longgang District, Shenzhen and will be finished in a staggering, 3-months-time, by December 2010. BYD is cooperating with one of China’s big two grids Southern Grid to promote the rapid development of environmentally-sound, energy storage technologies in China.

This BYD/ CSG ESS is tied to the Biling 110 kilo-volt (KV) substation on 10 KV side of the Shenzhen-Guangdong electricity grid. The whole system consists of a BYD Fe battery, BMS (Battery Management System), PCS (Power Conversion System) and an energy storage station monitoring system to ensure the most effective utilization.

CSPG Officials stated, “The primary function of this system is peak-shifting and off-peak grid utilization, however, BYD’s technology also gives us great flexibility for auxiliary functions such as system back-up power and power-quality functions like voltage and reactive power compensation.” The ESS will discharge at the grid’s peak time (day-time peaks) and charge at the grid’s lowest-usage-periods (i.e. night-time). The charge and discharge power of battery storage system can fluctuate according to the loading of the Biling 110KV substation to manage the loading change.

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