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Nissan Announces Cooperative Programs with APEC

published: 2010-11-08 15:24

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced it will exhibit its electric vehicle, Nissan LEAF, at the 'JAPAN EXPERIENCE' exhibition area in Pacifico Yokohama and other exhibition areas throughout Yokohama Minato Mirai 21. This exhibition will be held during APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference) Japan 2010 from November 7th through 14th. This is part of a joint public-private project for the realization of a sustainable society, an idea which Nissan is actively engaged in making a reality. The 100% electric Nissan LEAF will be launched in December 2010 in Japan and the United States, and in early 2011 in Europe.

Nissan will also support a variety of other programs at APEC. On November 9, the opening session of the APEC Voices of the Future 2010, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and APEC National Youth Achievement Awards Council, will be conducted at the Nissan Hall at Nissan Global Headquarters. 'Together, we can build a zero-emission future' will be the theme of presentations and panel discussions about EV and efforts to achieve a sustainable society. Hitoshi Kawaguchi, Senior Vice President, and Hideaki Watanabe, Corporate Vice President, will participate in discussions with about 100 youth participants from APEC countries and regions.

On November 11, Yokohama City will host the APEC Commemorative Symposium in Yokohama, titled 'Sustainable Development Supported by Women's Advancement in Society' at the Nissan Hall. Themes include 'Harmony between Environment and Economy', 'Cooperation between Developed and Developing Nations' and 'Transfer to Next Generations' with a panel discussion on the role of women in sustainable society. Asako Hoshino, Corporate Vice President, will participate in this program.

An outline of Nissan exhibits for the APEC showcase is as follows:

1. Yokohama Smart City Project
Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP), of which Nissan is a participating company, will demonstrate the technology for energy efficiency for a 'Smart House' which creates an environmentally friendly, comfortable home environment at a special site in the Yokohama Home Collection. The 'Smart House', with a next generation electricity management system installed, is significantly efficient with electricity usage. The system enables stable energy management throughout the house, including an EV, from self-sufficient renewable energy sources. Nissan will display Nissan LEAF to demonstrate how a 'Smart City' could use energy efficiently and how EV batteries could help provide power for residential use by discharging technology, a concept which the company is actively exploring.

Also on display will be the 'NISSAN New Mobility CONCEPT', an ultra-compact EV that is ideal for short-distance trips and individual use. The concept evolved from looking at future trends which indicate an increase in single and elderly households, shorter driving distances and more car trips with a single passenger. The NISSAN New Mobility CONCEPT is our solution to make this a reality.

2. Smart Network Project
Nissan supports the 'Projects to Standardize and Promote Network Integration Control Systems' launched by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Under this project, the 'Smart Network Project' will be demonstrated at the Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 area. Nissan will display Nissan LEAF at this site, proposing how an EV house network would work.

'JAPAN EXPERIENCE' is a Japanese government-sponsored exhibition to be held at the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center. Nissan will display Nissan LEAF for this exhibition at the site next to the APEC International Media Center, and the NISSAN New Mobility CONCEPT at Exhibition Hall A. Also displayed in the Hall will be 'Smart Grid Interactive 3D Theater, a 300-inch display showing a new mobility society that will begin with EVs. A demonstration simulating Low Carbon City Driving using virtual reality technology will be conducted in the theater. A diorama of a future city with EVs also will be displayed. In this diorama, visitors can see what a future city with EVs would look like, including quick charging stations at shopping centers, special driving lanes for EVs and a power plant using natural energy.

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