BergÉ and BYD Join Forces to Market Battery Energy Accumulation Systems

published: 2011-01-04 15:05 | editor: | category: News

The presidents of Bergé y Cía. and Build your Dreams (BYD) have signed an agreement in the Chinese city of Shenzhen to cooperate in the commercialisation of BYD energy storage systems for batteries in Spain. Apart from cooperating with BYD to market and sell these systems, the agreement also stipulates that Bergé will be in charge of logistics, integration, installation and maintenance.

The agreement reinforces the existing relationship between the two companies, established when the Chinese company named Bergé Automoción the Official Distributor for BYD Electric Vehicles in Spain in September 2009.

BYD, one of the leading battery manufacturers in the world for different applications – mobile phones, electric vehicles, laptop computers, etc. – developed a unique energy storage technology based on their own batteries for subsequent application in fixed or remote installations. The current increase in energy demand, along with the new needs generated by renewable energies and the arrival of the electric vehicle, make this system an especially interesting and necessary technical solution.

BYD claims that proof of its leadership in this type battery energy storage system is the agreement the company recently signed with the Department of Water and Energy of the city of Los Angeles (US), which constitutes an ambitious project, for storage capacity of between 5 and 10 MW.

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