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Taiwan Industry Associations to Exhibit in Full Force at Green Lighting China 2011

published: 2011-02-21 10:37

Green Lighting China 2011, China’s prime novel lighting and energy manufacturing industry event recently received a major boost when five Taiwanese industry associations pledged their participation in the show.

The Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association, Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association, Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association, Taiwan Flat Panel Display Materials & Devices Association and the LED Manufacturers Association will each promote Green Lighting China 2011 to their members – all of whom are key industry professionals and equipment manufacturers.  The associations have also pledged to bring strong delegations of exhibitors to the show. Additionally, the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade will offer generous subsidies to make the dual exhibition and forum an even bigger draw for local exhibitors.

Energy-saving is a crucial component in Taiwan’s sustainable development. Because solar cells, LED lighting and other fields cover the entire industry chain, Green Lighting China 2011, an event dedicated to the entire semiconductor lighting chain, is highly anticipated by trade professionals keen to expose themselves to the maximum number of business opportunities.  The Taiwanese delegates are set to provide a holistic view of LED equipment and applications in the light source, new light source, green lighting product, lighting application, new light source display product and thermal management sectors.

Wang Xinyang, Director General of the Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association, highlighted the impressive development of the semiconductor, panel, solar energy and LED industry chains in Mainland China. But while local electronic equipment factories have good conditions, they lack the technological know-how of their foreign counterparts.  Conversely, the Taiwanese equipment industry is rich in advanced technologies in panels, semiconductors, LED and solar energy. This is why Green Lighting China 2011 is a timely and acutely relevant show.  The Taiwanese LED industry will drive Mainland China’s industry upgrades. Green Lighting China 2011, thanks to the five Taiwanese associations, will be an illuminating showcase.  Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese exhibitors will use this event to evaluate and purchase new products; learn about the latest technologies; meet with industry peers; catch up with emerging marketing trends and promote LED development in Taiwan and on the Mainland.

As well as organizing delegations to exhibit at Green Lighting China 2011, the associations will also bring along a high volume of buyers keen to conduct face-to-face negotiations and purchase equipment on-site.

Green Lighting China 2011 will be co-hosted by Reed Exhibitions and the China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) from May 11 to May 13 at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center.

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