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Maryland County Introduces Bill to Permit and Regulate Solar Panel Systems

published: 2011-02-22 14:37

County Commissioners in Maryland's Worcester County are set to unveil a bill that would regulate and permit small-scale solar energy facilities within the county - a first for the area. Lawmakers have been working on the bill for over a year and its backers contend it would help classify solar systems into those used to generate heat and others that are used to produce electricity. The bill calls for electrical systems to be broken down into small, medium and large categories, with heating systems fitting into either small or medium classes. The bill also sets limits on solar panel system installations: Per terms of the proposed legislation, ground-mounted solar panel systems must be "buffered from view of adjacent properties." Edward Tudor, the director of development, review and permitting for the county, said he spoke with consultants and solar energy developers when he researched the bill. "I reviewed the comments that I have received as well as the provisions of the draft bill in great detail with the planning commission," he affirmed. The bill will be debated during the upcoming legislative session and commissioners hope the bill is approved and the county can give the green light to solar panel systems awaiting county approval.

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