Next Gen 3-D Lithium Ion Batteries may reduce charging times dramatically

published: 2011-04-11 10:51 | editor: | category: News

Colorado State University Researchers Developing Fast Charging Lithium Ion Battery Technology

One big gremlin that Electric Cars continue to face is that of the time taken for a Lead Acid or Lithium Ion battery to get juiced up. All this could change in the future as researchers from Colorado State University have demonstrated. The researchers have developed a Lithium Ion Battery, the size of a mobile phone battery, which uses copper antimonide nano wires to store Lithium Ions.

Through this, the battery is able to store in 3-D form, double the number of lithium ions in it when compared to conventional lithium ion batteries. What this could potentially do is, it could make recharging the new generation 3-D Lithium Ion batteries in just 12 minutes, which is a vast improvement from the time of two hours that is usually taken by conventional lithium ion batteries.

While the technology still remains to be tested on large batteries that are of the size that conventional electric cars used, it remains an interesting prospect for the future of electric vehicle technology. This technology could be commercialized in the next two years. Meanwhile, here is what the project’s team leader, Amy Prieto, had to say about the 3-D Lithium Ion Battery.


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