Siliken Shares with His Customers to be Number One in Efficiency and Performance, at the Greek ECOTEC Exhibition

published: 2011-04-19 9:11 | editor: | category: News

Siliken wanted to celebrate and share with their customers, getting number one position in the prestigious Photon Laboratory study. Therefore, the company invited them all to toast with cava that special moment for Siliken, at the already celebrated ECOTEC-Environmental Technologies & Photovoltaic Systems "in Greece, at its booth.
Between January and December 2010, Siliken modules were ranked by Photon Laboratory, as the modules showing the best results for energy production when compared with the more than 47 modules of 36 manufacturers.
Luís Azorín , International sales Development Manager,  states: “Due to the great interest showed from many companies during latest days at the Exhibition, as well as for the high number of contacts related to the PV sector who already knew our brand; we can now confirm that due to  the good work being done at international level,  we can position ourselves as a leading European players in the photovoltaic sector “

Siliken chose the international ECOTEC (Environmental Technologies & Photovoltaic Systems) exhibition in Athens to present its innovative energyBox to the world. This new PV system has been designed for residential rooftop installations. It stands out because of its flexibility and modularity, which makes it a unique product on the market. energyBox favours the design and layout of an installation on any type of roof, without having to spend time adjusting, managing and buying components. This product is exclusive, as it allows installers to adjust the PV installation to the specific conditions of each rooftop, overcoming any type of obstacles.

energyBox consists of groups of 2 or 3 modules, making up packs of 9, 12, 13, 16, 18, 24 or 48 modules with an a priori power range of 2 to 11.5 KWp. The system is scalable and therefore allows covering any rooftop size by connecting several energyBoxes.
The energyBox kit includes all of the necessary components for a residential PV installation, such as modules, structure, inverters as well as electrical components (AC/DC connection boxes, cables and connectors). All of these elements have been specifically selected to ensure the best performance, which results in a completely optimized system in terms of electricity and mechanics. Its mechanical resistance complies with Greek standards and has been created to satisfy the market needs.

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