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Solaredge Launches PV Inverter Production Line in Ontario, Canada, Supplying North America

published: 2011-04-29 15:06

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. a worldwide leader in end-to-end distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring solutions, announced today the opening of a new production line for North America at the Flextronics factory in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Local production of SolarEdge inverters complies with Ontario’s Domestic Content requirement and therefore enables installers to benefit from the Ontario microFiT and FiT (Feed-in-Tariff) programs.

The SolarEdge inverters are part of the company’s leading power optimization system, which includes PV power optimizers and module-level monitoring. SolarEdge systems offer a number of advantages over traditional central inverters, including an up to 25% increase in energy yield, module-level monitoring for high-resolution remote diagnostics, and safer installation and maintenance.

The production in Ontario, launched earlier this month, and already enables SolarEdge customers investing in private and commercial installations to meet the domestic content level required by the Ontario Power Authority feed-in-tariff (FiT) program. The Ontario facility will supply SolarEdge products to the North American market to ensure continuous fast delivery in light of the growing demand for SolarEdge products. 

“We’re thrilled to support Ontario’s Green Energy Act for promoting renewable energy and creating highly skilled green jobs,” says John Berdner, SolarEdge’s General Manager for North America.

"We are pleased that SolarEdge has expanded their collaboration with Flextronics. By working together, we will advance Cleantech solutions throughout Canada,” says EC Sykes, President, Flextronics’ Industrial Market Segment. “Flextronics is proud to bring its unique capabilities to this endeavor. Flextronics is the only provider of our size that touches products reflecting every aspect of the Cleantech ecosystem, resulting in comprehensive solutions for our customers.”

SolarEdge exhibits at Solar Ontario 2011, booth no 216, on May 5-6 at Windsor, Ontario. Join the SolarEdge Ontario workshop to learn how to design PV systems using distributed MPPT solutions, with special emphasis on low temperature performance and module monitoring capabilities. The workshop will review code compliance issues and present a microFiT sample design. SolarEdge systems are especially suitable for the Canadian weather, as a fixed string voltage ensures high efficiency despite large temperature and voltage variance.

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