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Solar Pilot Program to Run in Four Massachusetts Communities

published: 2011-05-10 15:34
Four Massachusetts communities will serve as a sample for a pilot program attempting to make solar power an integral part of their life, times, homes and businesses, the Boston Globe reports.

Solarize Massachusetts will begin later this month in Scituate, an Eastern Massachusetts town on the South Shore. Harvard, Hatfield and Winchester are the other communities that will see benefits of the innovative, clean source of energy.

"We first started [The MA Clean Energy Center] a number of years ago, and we've seen impressive numbers in terms of the number of solar systems installed in Massachusetts since then," Kate Plourd, the press representative for Mass CEC, told the publication.

A meeting scheduled for later this month in Scituate so that interested residents may be informed of the program's intentions. The meeting is planned for May 23 at Scituate High School.

"We've seen really a significant growth in the area [of solar power], and we're now looking to deploy this pilot program to educate more homeowners and business owners about how easy it is to install a solar system and how financially it works for a lot of people," Plourd said. "There is an education barrier and if we can eliminate that barrier, we can increase the use of solar energy in Massachusetts."

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