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Coulomb Technologies is Named Top Company in Electric Vehicle Supply Markets

published: 2011-05-23 14:15

Coulomb Technologies received the top industry ranking today as the industry’s top electric vehicle supply equipment by an industry research firm. Coulomb attained the highest overall score in the report due to the company’s ‘successful technology partnerships, global sales network, and extensive product portfolio.’  Coulomb is rated highest in both the “Strategy and Execution” dimensions.

“Coulomb was first to market with a charging network, enabling businesses the ability to provide a distinctive new service, attract new customers and generate new revenue from EV charging.  The ChargePoint® Network provides the intelligence, tools and services for new EV applications,” said Pat Romano, president and CEO at Coulomb. 

The report evaluated ten EVSE suppliers and rated them on 12 criteria for strategy and execution, including go-to-market strategy, product portfolio, partnerships, innovation, reach, market share, pricing, and staying power.  Using the proprietary methodology, vendors were profiled, rated, and ranked with the goal of providing industry participants with an objective assessment of these companies’ relative strengths and weaknesses in the EVSE marketplace.  Coulomb Technologies is quoted as being “a pioneer in promoting networked EVSEs – a model many companies have copied.”

“The market for electric vehicle charging equipment is poised for dynamic growth, and will reach more than 1.5 million annual shipments globally by 2015,” said John Gartner senior analyst form the research firm.  “As the amount of power consumed by EVs grows, service providers such as Coulomb Technologies that manage demand through networks of smart charging stations will become essential to maintaining grid reliability and to optimizing the benefits of moving to electrified transportation.”

Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network is:

  • The largest and longest operating EV charging network in the world, comprising the most charging stations
  • The only charging network with mobile apps providing EV drivers real-time station status, station reservations and vehicle charging notifications
  • The world’s first fully open charging services network that supports charging stations from multiple manufacturers and works with all EVs
  • The world’s first PCI-compliant charging services network, allowing flexible driver payment options
  • The only EV charging services network providing 24x7x365 driver support
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