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MAGE SOLAR and SUR Energy Provide One of the Largest Residential PV-Installations in Michigan

published: 2011-06-15 15:34

MAGE SOLAR USA, part of the globally operating MAGE GROUP, proudly announced its signature high-performance modules power one of the largest residential installations in the state of Michigan.

The 88 MAGE POWERTEC Plus 225/6 modules are the integral part of an impressive and aesthetically pleasing ground mount that has been designed, engineered, and installed with the highest technical quality standards by SUR-Energy, an Ann Arbor company with more than a decade experience in photovoltaics. With a yield of 22,838 kilowatt hours yearly, the installation is covering almost all of the energy needs of the homeowners. Additionally, due to a long term contract with the local EMC, any excess electricity is being fed into the EMC power grid for which the residential ‘power-generators’ are being paid through Renewable Energy Credits (REC).

”This was a very large residential installation, probably the largest in Metro Detroit,” says John Wakeman, owner of SUR Energy. “The installation went very well with all parties including the customer, MAGE SOLAR, and SUR Energy working together to make this happen—resulting in a stylish, highly efficient installation that will provide energy to the home and the community for the next 30+ years.”

As a complete system provider, MAGE SOLAR is pleased not only how smooth the installation went but how effectively its panels and system components have been integrated into this project. “This really is a picture-book PV-application. Well designed and executed, even a relatively large residential array with 20 kW can be up and running within a few days,” praised Joe Thomas, President of MAGE SOLAR USA. “With all parts so optimally coordinated, they can maximize their yield and collect a great return on their investment in a short time. Congratulations to the owners and to SUR Energy on such a tremendous project!”  

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