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MyGen U.S.-Made Solar Energy Kits by KYOCERA Offer Expanded Domestically Produced Content

published: 2011-06-16 14:27

Kyocera Solar, Inc. announced that MyGen U.S.-Made Kits — domestically produced, all-inclusive kits for residential and light commercial solar energy installations — are available now.

The MyGen solar energy kits are ideal for new entrants into the solar market and professionals in the electrical contractor industry interested in expanding into solar energy installations.  Photovoltaic (PV) kits such as this one make the conversion to solar energy an attainable solution for homeowners and small business owners — MyGen Kits are pre-engineered systems that include modules, inverter, racking, monitoring, grounding, manual, drawings, and all minor components required to complete a solar installation.  The systems are grid-tied and can fit a range of PV array configurations, with the option to accommodate a future expansion or system upgrade.    

Developed through key partnerships with DECK Monitoring, a certified provider of monitoring services for renewable energy systems; Unirac, a leading supplier of solar mounting technologies; and PV Powered, a manufacturer of inverters for renewable energy systems — the MyGen US-Made Kits are a product of companies that all have United States-based manufacturing operations.   

“MyGen U.S.-Made Kits are comprehensive and convenient clean energy solutions for home and business owners who want the cost benefits and energy-efficiency of solar electricity,” stated Steve Hill, president of Kyocera Solar, Inc.  “These kits are not only an investment in solar energy and our environment, but also in the U.S. economy — the products are made here, used here and contribute to creating green energy jobs for Americans.”

Solar energy has become Kyocera’s fastest-growing business globally, and in response to the growing demand for American-made products and for sustainable energy solutions, Kyocera began manufacturing solar panels at its San Diego, Calif. facility in June 2010.  Solar energy modules produced at this facility meet “Buy American” procurement provisions. 

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