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World’s Second-Largest Solar Cell Maker Taiwan Activates a Whole New Green Future

published: 2011-07-08 16:58

Huge solar business opportunities await in Taiwan with its position as the world’s second-largest solar cell maker. Great prospects blossom on July 13 with the Taiwan-organized seminar The Taiwan Solar Energy Industry Outlook & Renewable Energy Business Alliance Seminar at the show venue of Intersolar North America at Moscone Convention Center.

Organized by TAITRA, SEMI, and Taiwan Trade Center, San Francisco, this seminar opens the big picture on the Taiwan GREEN industry and its economical operations with the USA. It will introduce the solar industry’s background, strengths, trends, and innovative products and technologies in Taiwan and Asia.

This is the perfect place for those devoted to the solar energy industry to learn about Taiwan’s new alternative energy & environmental solutions. It will also offer a special focus on PV Taiwan—the largest solar energy trade show in Taiwan—which will showcase the latest innovations in comprehensive PV products during October 5–7, 2011. This show lets you explore how the Taiwan solar industry can help your business.

PHOTON International indicates that the annual production of solar cells grew by 118% in 2010, reaching a capacity of 27.2GW. Combined solar cell shipments of China and Taiwan in 2010 accounted for 62.2% globally. Asia is the No. 1 region for solar cell exports and will continue in this position in the future.

With a long track record and strong government support, Taiwan has developed a robust environmental industry known throughout Asia. Taking advantage of Taiwan’s strengths in semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing, Taiwan’s solar industry is equipped with world-class manufacturing capability, excellent industry infrastructure, and strong R&D talent. This is the gateway & procurement hub for the Asia Pacific region.

Taiwan, with decades of hi tech growth, can open many new pathways. Its unique model of industry clusters and vast investment in R&D presents greater quality choices for the USA at competitive prices. Therefore, the organizers wish to show Taiwan’s emphasis on the North American market by holding this seminar and to help local manufacturers and buyers find business opportunities with Taiwan.

PV Taiwan already has registered 262 exhibitors who will use 764 booths – a 22% increase on last year's show. And this year's PV Taiwan will build upon last year's success, which attracted more than 12,000 visitors including many professionals and buyers who traveled from more than 50 nations, including Germany, the US, Japan, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Visitors can scout from leading firms including GINTECH, MOTECH, E-ton, NeoSolar, ROTH & RAU, GCL, OCI, LDK, Dupont, Powercom and Sun Well. And the list is still growing! The show gives visitors a comprehensive overview of Taiwan's industrial cluster, photovoltaic materials, silicon wafers, solar cells, modules, systems, HCPV, DSSC, CIGS and BIPV, applied products, production equipment, testing and analysis equipment, and certification services.

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