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BYD Turbo-charged Engine with Dual-clutch Transmission Put into Mass Production

published: 2011-08-05 11:49

BYD’s Turbo-charged Engine with Dual-clutch Transmission (Ti + DCT), comes into mass production officially at BYD Huizhou plant.

The production line initially plans to produce 1.5Ti+DCT powertrain system which is equipped on G6 - BYD’s first high-end model to be launched this year. The Ti + DCT system is independently developed by BYD. Besides as the standard option of the G6 1.5Ti sedan, the Ti + DCT system will also be equipped on BYD 3-series models.

The efficient low-emission Turbo-charged Engine with Dual-clutch Transmission technology implies that Chinese carmaker has made a great change and progress at the technical level. BYD is the first domestic Chinese company to develop this technology in-house, solidifying its competitive edge in the automotive industry.

Ti+DCT is short for turbo-fuel-stratified, injection engine with dual-clutch transmission. This system is capable of producing not only, higher power, but smoother performance with superior fuel-efficiency. The BYD DCT technology is a perfect combination of manual transmission and conventional automatic transmission with shorter gear shifting, faster acceleration and response times, and has selective driving modes. In the “sports mode”, the DCT electronic programming controls shifting, allowing drivers to enjoy a sports-car-like and joyful driving experience.

BYD Ti+DCT powertrain system has attracted concerns among the industry and consumers even since its debut at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show.

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