Astronergy Partners with Solar Park Co., Ltd. to Invest in Solar Farms in Thailand

published: 2011-08-23 9:17 | editor: | category: News

Astronergy (a Chint company) announced its new plans to invest in solar farms in Thailand with its partner, Solar Park Co., Ltd., expecting commercial operation on December 30, 2011.

Located in Saraburi province, 100 KM north of Bangkok, the PV plants have a combined total capacity of 5.5 MWp. All of the plants will incorporate Polycrystalline PV modules from Astronergy (CHSM 6610P), inverters from Chint Power System Co., Ltd., and BOS components from other Chint subsidiaries. Sourcing project materials from one channel removes complexity out of the equation for clients who used to juggle multiple suppliers. This project once again exemplifies Chint Group as a total solution provider.

Receiving Thailand's excellent solar radiation, these projects generate electricity up to 8,800,000 kWh per year, supplying the electricity needs of more than 4000 homes.

Among South East Asian countries, Thailand has taken a lead in renewable energy investment. By the end of 2011, Thai government expects to replace its existing adder policy with a newly formed fit campaign to further accelerate clean energy development. The campaign will pledge Thailand towards energy sustainability, answering the challenges of both carbon footprint reduction and rising energy demand.

"Solar energy could soon be a key energy source in Thailand. Considering its strong demand in energy and rising prices of imported oil or coal, PV is an excellent way to contribute energy without any other emissions," commented Dr. Liyou Yang, CEO at Astronergy. "We have seen the great effort that the Thailand government has made recently and its clear vision for the future. It increases our confidence in investing in Thailand, and we are sure we can bring more cutting-edge PV products to Thailand through successful cooperation."

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