Advanced Energy Introduces Commercial Data Monitoring Solution Offering Inverter Integrated Hardware and Software Choice

published: 2011-08-24 9:03 | editor: | category: News

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS), today announced the industry’s first commercial site monitoring solution that offers Advanced Energy (AE) integrated hardware with a choice of industry-leading monitoring software providers including ArgusON, DECK Monitoring, Draker Laboratories, ESA Renewables, Locus Energy and Noveda Technologies. AE’s Commercial Monitoring Solution addresses the strong customer demand for hardware and software flexibility without the troubleshooting, project delays and balance-of-system (BoS) costs associated with traditional in-field monitoring installations. Factory integration and testing of AE’s UL-listed monitoring solution ensures turn-key operation at installation and seamless operation with monitoring software providers.

Real-time data monitoring is an essential part of achieving maximum energy production from a solar PV system, allowing plant owners to reduce system downtime, increase performance and intelligently schedule operations and maintenance (O&M) services. With AE’s solution system managers are automatically alerted of events so they can quickly prioritize and respond, resulting in maximum energy output with minimal expenses. Combined with the company’s SiteGuard field services, customers receive a complete solar-plant management solution that is backed by AE’s strong balance sheet and global scale.

“With AE factory-integrated monitoring hardware, a customer can expect to save $2,000 - $5,000 per inverter,” said Casey Miller, Director of Solutions Marketing for AE Solar Energy. “By partnering with leaders in software monitoring, we empower customers to choose products that best meet their site requirements.”

Site-wide Monitoring Solution Overview

  • Turnkey – Factory integrated master gateway, revenue grade meter and sub-combiner monitoring  saves field labor and installation costs
  • Choice – Validated industry-leading data monitoring software providers
  • Open – Modbus communications connect to external monitoring & SCADA systems
  • Support – Application engineers ready to support project monitoring requirements

Advanced Energy streamlines integration by offering partners a standard set of AE monitoring hardware. As a result, the hardware easily integrates with monitoring software and acts as a site-level data acquisition tool. AE manages end-to-end testing inside the factory to guarantee that devices are truly plug-and-play when they arrive in the field.

The company’s solar energy business is driving the adoption of solar by lowering the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for its customers. By providing reliable, easy-to-install Solaron® and PV Powered inverters and SiteGuard® whole-site O&M services, AE enables utility-scale, commercial and residential solar project developers to maximize the lifetime value of their power plants. Customers count on AE as a trusted partner leveraging 30 years of innovation leadership and global services infrastructure for optimum project performance. For more information on AE’s inverters and energy management solutions, please visit

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