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Siliken’s 72-Cell PV Module: A Star Product at the 26th European PV Solar Energy in Hamburg, Germany

published: 2011-09-05 18:51

Siliken has chosen the PV Solar Energy fair to showcase its newest products:the 72-cell module.With these modules, 20% fewer modules need to be installed, generating the same power and saving operating costs.The 72-cell modules are becoming the star product of the fair, being warmly welcomed by Siliken’s clients.In addition, the company’s business team will be able to show them first-hand the benefits of the exclusive online configurator energyBox.

Siliken’s team informed its clients that new 72-cell monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules, SLK72P6L and SLK72M6L respectively, are already available in Europe and will be launched in the USA at the beginning of this month.These modules produce up to 310 Wp in the polycrystalline modules and have a power tolerance of +3/0%.They are UL, TÜV and Intertek certified for worldwide applications. The efficiency of polycrystalline modules is up to 15.7% and that of monocrystalline modules up to 16%.

Clients can also try out energyBox, an advanced web configurator created by Siliken. The energyBoxfavours the design and the configuration of installations on any kind of private roof, without losing time adjusting, managing and buying components.The online configurator, exclusive to Siliken clients, performs both the installation configuration and a study of static forces and structure and electric calculations. This way, it guarantees the stability of the assembly against wind and snow loads, adapting to the norms of each country. 

During the current year, Siliken intends to initiate some of its most ambitious plans, such as the industry-grade manufacture of silicon, in-depth research of high-efficiency cells and their practical application, as well as the consolidation of the company’s international expansion.

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