DUNMORE and DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Team Up To Increase Supply of Solar Materials

published: 2011-09-23 15:23 | editor: | category: News

Two companies that are key suppliers in backsheets for solar modules are providing manufacturers greater supply to boost production and minimize material inventory fluctuations across the industry.

DUNMORE Corporation has increased its capacity for manufacturing solar backsheets incorporating DuPont™ Tedlarpolyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film, one of the most sought-after outer wall materials for solar backsheets. DUNMORE is a major provider of high-performance TPE backsheets, which insulate solar modules and protect them from the elements. The two companies are already working together in support of DUNMORE’s FastCert™ program for rapidly moving products to market.

“DuPont is pleased to continue and strengthen our collaboration with DUNMORE and help them better meet their customers’ increasing demand for proven, high-performance protective backsheets,” said Maria Boulden, global sales manager - DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions. “We have invested almost $300 million in expanding capacity for Tedlar to support the growth in the solar industry, and it’s most rewarding to see the results as Dunmore is able to ramp up supply.”

Solar module manufacturers that don’t currently use DUNMORE’s Tedlar PVF film-based backsheets and want to take advantage of the increased supply can use DUNMORE’s FastCert program to have their modules quickly certified by testing authorities such as Underwriter Laboratories.

“Module manufacturers prefer backsheets made with DuPont Tedlar because it’s a proven technology - it’s been in the field for 25 plus years,” said DUNMORE Vice President John Jordon. “Tedlar film has been in great demand and that demand continues to grow. Having increased supply availability from DuPont enables us to provide solar module manufacturers more backsheets to keep production rolling.”

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