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Nissan's Stand-Alone Energy Community Featuring the "Leaf to Home" Charging System Exhibited at CEATEC Japan 2011

published: 2011-10-09 14:57

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced its participation in CEATEC JAPAN 2011, an annual exhibition showcasing cutting-edge electronic and information technologies. At the show, Nissan will showcase its "Stand-alone Energy Community" exhibit with the "LEAF to Home" (V2H) in the Smart Community ZERO area within the special Smart Community Innovation 2011 exhibition zone. "V2H" stands for the "Vehicle to Home" system, which enables energy that is stored in an electric vehicle's batteries to be used in residential homes. CEATEC 2011 will be held at the Makuhari Messe convention center near Tokyo from October 4 to 8.

1. Exhibition
Smart Community ZERO (Stand-alone Energy Community)
Smart Communities are now attracting attention as a system which can provide environmental friendliness, comfortable living, and help society become more resilient in the face of potential disasters. At CEATEC, Nissan will show a potential stand-alone community of the near future which is part of a society that uses low levels of carbon; where people access health/medical services through IT; and with housing that connects with the LEAF to Home system, which enables LEAF owners the option of powering their homes with their cars' batteries.

With an actual Smart Community as part of the displays, visitors to CEATEC can see energy being generated and consumed through Smart House, Smart Healthcare, Smart Cottage, Smart Rental Car and Smart Food Stand exhibits. These interactive exhibits will be jointly presented with the cooperation of various companies.

Each Smart facility has a stand-alone energy system using solar power generation, fuel cells, storage batteries or EVs. Each of them not only independently generates and consumes energy, but also complement each other by supplying power and are interconnected within the power grid.

NSH-2012 Smart House of the Future
In the Home Zone within the Smart Community area, Nissan will display its Smart House "NSH-2012", which uses the LEAF to Home charging system. To maximize available space, NSH-2012 adopts the high-floor style of ancient Japanese housing design. A polyhedral room, which can fit in the urban landscape of the near future, features a monocoque structure used in aircraft; the outer panel of the main body is also subjected to structural stress. With a power supply system that combines double power generation (solar power and fuel cell power) with the LEAF to Home system, this home can maintain stable in-house power supply that is not affected by weather, and can rely on solar power and power stored in an EV's batteries if power is cut off during a disaster. With an energy management system that uses next-generation mobile communications, the home's electric appliances also employ energy-saving and remote-controlled maintenance features.

The Smart Community Stage powered by Yokohama's Smart City Project
Supported by the Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP) - a collaborative project between the City of Yokohama and private enterprises, of which Nissan is a member - presentations and talk shows will be conducted on the venue stage. These events are organized by the participating companies and organizations as part of the Smart Community ZERO concept, and will be supported by a truck equipped to supply solar-generated power that was used in areas in Japan affected by the March 2011 earthquake. The program will also include a live radio broadcast by the FM Yokohama radio station on October 7.

FM Yokohama "E-ne is good for you SPECIAL Smart Community ZERO
Time & Date: 13:00-17:00, Friday, October 7, 2011
Place: Smart Community ZERO, Exhibition Hall 3, Makuhari Messe

2. Presentation
Guest Speech "EV. the New Energy"

Well-known journalist Taro Kimura will moderate a talk between Osamu Masuko, President and a Representative Director of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, and Toshiyuki Shiga, Chief Operating Officer at Nissan, who will discuss changes in the operating environment for automobiles and the future of the EV business.

Time & Date: 11:30-12:30, Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Place: Convention Hall AB, 2nd floor, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe

Panel Discussion
"Rechargeable Battery Networks and Mobile Communications: Building the Next-Generation Energy Society"

The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011 highlighted that energy storage is essential for saving and generating energy. Participants in this panel will discuss the role of specialists for battery storage technology, EVs, and mobile communication networks within the context of energy use in a future next-generation disaster-resilient society. Minoru Shinohara, a senior vice president at Nissan, will participate as a panelist.

Time & Date: 16:00-17:30, Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Place: Convention Hall AB, 2nd floor, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe

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