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SCHOTT Solar’s Innovative Photovoltaic Solutions on Display at Solar Power International

published: 2011-10-19 15:21

SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc., a subsidiary of the German SCHOTT Solar AG, opened Solar Power International by highlighting the advances in its solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.SCHOTT’s world-class engineers have developed a variety of solar modules that are more efficient and lighter to meet customer demands. The company will be exhibiting their latest innovations at the show including:

  • MONO 60-cell 280W Module: The company became the world’s first manufacturer to produce full 6” square monocrystalline screen-printed cells with record 20.2% efficiency. These high efficiency cells were then used to produce the MONO 280 watt module with a high module efficiency of 16.7%.
  • Champion Polycrystalline Module: Building on the 2010 success of its champion polycrystalline module, SCHOTT Solar has further enhanced its polycrystalline technology and achieved a company record module aperture efficiency of 18.2%. SCHOTT will apply the learning from these innovations to bring higher efficiency and lower-cost modules to the market in the future.
  • Light weight Module: SCHOTT solar is also working on expanding the universe of rooftops that can generate reliable electricity through PV installations by developing a new lightweight module. The new light weight module concept under development weighs up to 60 percent less compared to conventional glass-foil modules. This is achieved through an innovative new backing material that reduces module weight dramatically while offering high load bearing capacity. The light weight module will also allow solar installers to complete installations more easily and more rapidly.

“SCHOTT Solar has been contributing to the growth of solar with over five decades of innovations. Our latest solar cell and module innovations will enable increased adoption of clean solar energy in the future” said Mukesh Shah, Director of Product Management of SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc.

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