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Sunways Presents Innovative Photovoltaic Solutions at Swiss Construction and Energy Trade Fair

published: 2011-11-28 16:23

The tenth Swiss Hausbau- und Energiemesse (Construction and Energy Trade Fair) is taking place from 24 to 27 November 2011 in Bern and, with over 400 exhibitors and an expected 25,000 visitors, the trade fair is setting standards for forward-looking construction and renovation in Switzerland. As a provider of technologically pioneering photovoltaic products and solutions, Constance-based Sunways AG will be in Hall 1.1 demonstrating just what sort of contribution solar technology can make to the energy-efficient planning and design of buildings.

Sunways Eco-Line Solar Modules
Sunways Solar Modules deliver maximum yields. Innovative Sunways P3 Technology prevents both light- and voltage-induced performance degradation while ensuring particularly tight cell current graduation to guarantee the best possible output stability and higher yields. Marks of quality from Sunways provide even greater benefits: actual module output is always up to 5 watts peak higher than the rated output indicated (“OutputPlus+”). Furthermore, Sunways Solar Modules are incredibly stable and weather-resistant (“SolidPlus+”). The monocrystalline SM 245M solar module is available in output classes up to 250 watts peak and the multicrystalline SM 240U solar module in output classes up to 245 watts peak.

Sunways Solar Inverters with HERIC® topology
The yield achieved by a photovoltaic system is determined not only by the solar modules but also by the solar inverter. Users of Sunways Solar Inverters with the patented HERIC® topology are able to take advantage of above-average yields thanks to efficiencies of up to 98 percent. Equipped with a convenient graphic display and a wide range of communication options, Sunways Solar Inverters are also easy to operate. With the introduction of the NT 3000, Sunways customers can now choose from a range of five single-phase inverters in the “New Technology” series with output classes between 2500 and 500 watts.

Progressive solutions for modern architecture
Environmentally friendly energy generation and energy efficiency can also be combined with the high demand for living comfort and visual appeal. Sunways is presenting an integrated design-oriented solution for safe, high-performance energy roofs in the form of the Sunways In-Roof Laminate complete with mounting system. It will be available to customers in the near future and can be used to replace conventional roof cladding completely. The in-roof laminate is suitable for roof pitches ranging from 10 to 60 degrees with no extra demands on substructures.

In the case of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), photovoltaic elements in roofs or facades take over some of the functions of the building envelope as well as generating electricity. For example, transparent Sunways Solar Cells in customised glass modules are used to provide shading whilst simultaneously protecting against the elements and screening for privacy.

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