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T3 Motion Electric Vehicle Participated in French Anti-Crime Campaign that Reduced Crime by 12%

published: 2011-12-01 15:50

T3 Motion, Inc.a producer of clean/green technology, announced that T3 Series Electric Stand-up Vehicles (ESV) were undergoing trials with various French National Police departments and municipalities during a nationwide campaign to reduce crime. The trials were carried out for the French government to evaluate the effectiveness of the T3 ESVs in their anti-crime campaign, assessing them for community policing initiatives within the cities and sea fronts. During the initial trial period in two cities, the French government observed a drop in crime by 12.7% and 8%.

The T3 ESV is an electric law enforcement patrol vehicle known for its low operating costs and increased patrol capabilities. According to the Ouest-France newspaper, the Chief of Police from the Western Region National Police noted "[the French police] are very pleased with these vehicles, which adapt well in urban areas and facilitate communication with citizens." Similar results were found in Paris, Marseille and Perpignan. Following this outcome, the French government has extended the trial length by two months.

Ouest-Francealso reported that T3 ESVs were used during Nantes’ campaign to increase the number of law enforcement patrols from 96 in June to 179 (86% increase) in July and 201 (109% increase) in August. The T3 ESVs were reported to have had an impact on the observed reduction in crime. In Nantes, T3 ESVs were deployed for security initiatives in the city center to prevent shoplifting, noise complaints and drug possession, resulting in 23 arrests for drug possession in the summer season alone.

Franceis not the first country to carry out rigorous testing on the T3 Series ESV; numerous other governments have found very similar results, reporting increased visibility to the public and more effective management and deployment of police and security personnel. The T3 Series ESV is currently deployed in over 30 countries worldwide, spanning all six major continents. Countries that deploy T3 ESVs include Mexico, Kuwait, Israel, South Korea, South Africa, Chile and Turkey.

T3 Series Features
The T3 is a cutting-edge ‘green’ personal mobility vehicle specialized for use by law enforcement and security officers. The T3 leads the industry in these key features:

• Cost of operation less than 10 cents per day
• Zero-degree turning radius
• Two rechargeable, swap-able batteries
• Speeds up to 25 km/h, the equivalent of 15 mph
• 9-inch raised platform provides a superior vantage point
• 24/7 operation

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