Car Charging Group installs new EV charging stations in Florida, US

published: 2012-01-20 15:50 | editor: | category: News

Car Charging Group (CCGI), a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, has expanded its EV charging infrastructure in Florida, US.

Under the expansion, CCGI has installed Level II, 240-volt, EV charging stations, manufactured by Coulomb Technologies at two of Brixmor Property Group's shopping malls located in Sarasota and Orlando in Florida.

Car Charging Group Chief Executive Officer Michael Farkas said Brixmor Property Group is one of the real estate and property management companies in the US and is excited about partnering with Brixmor to provide their customers who drive EVs the added convenience of charging while they shop or work.

"For the majority of time, cars sit parked, so installing charging stations at shopping malls and retail outlets makes perfect sense," Farkas said.

"Additionally, Brixmor Property Group is supporting the promotion of the electric car market and a clean environment."

CCGI said that the Brixmor customers now have access to the ChargePoint Network and the company will provide flexible payment options, the ability to make reservations through the ChargePoint Network's cloud-based software service plans for managing EV charging operations.

The facilities also include the tracking of customer usage patterns, energy use, costs and revenues and will also enable the mobile apps mapping services and driver support services.

Brixmor Property Group Leasing and Redevelopment executive vice president Timothy Bruce said Brixmor is pleased to bring the added convenience of EV charging stations to its centers for the customers and passers-by.

"Having the EV charging stations accessible, will allow our customers to recharge while they shop," Bruce said.

"This is a clean and green energy alternative, adding value to our centers and the retailers at our centers, as we cater to the EV transportation fueling options."

CCGI has also partnered Brixmor to offer convenient and accessible charging sites all through the Brixmor portfolio and company said that the charging will be free during an introductory time period.

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