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Suniva Solar Panels to Power Bonnie Brae Campus

published: 2012-03-29 14:38

Suniva, Inc., an U.S. manufacturer of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells and modules, today announced its panels will soon be helping to meet more than 75 percent of the electric needs of Bonnie Brae’s campus in Bernards Township, NJ. Bonnie Brae is one of the nation's preeminent therapeutic learning environments for at-risk adolescent boys.

Torcon Energy Services (TES) will install the new 810 kilowatt ground-mount solar array, featuring 2,892 of Suniva’s high-efficiency 280W solar modules. “This solar project will provide long-term energy savings, which will allow Bonnie Brae to continue to focus on its mission of education and rehabilitation for young men,” said Bonnie Brae’s Chief Executive Officer, William M. Powers.

The planned solar installation is one of several recent Bonnie Brae initiatives designed to help the campus become a sustainability role model for other schools and residential programs. Implemented in part by the students themselves during the past year, initiatives include a large on-site garden to grow fresh produce, rainwater collection and a ban on plastics and Styrofoam products in the school’s dining room. Major renovations to four on-campus dorms also are underway with a goal of achieving LEED status. The solar array will be a visible reminder of the school’s dedication to sustainability.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Bonnie Brae’s commitment to greening their campus” said Robert Gerard, managing director of TES. "Using Suniva’s high efficiency modules will help ensure that this solar installation is consistent with Torcon Energy Services’ continued commitment to ‘behind-the-meter’ solar electric systems."

“This TES installation will produce clean, renewable energy for the entire Bonnie Brae campus and significantly diminish the need for more traditional, fossil fuel-based energy sources,” said Bryan Ashley, chief marketing officer for Suniva. “We’re very proud that our innovative PV technology is being used to help advance the school’s vision of becoming a sustainability role model.”

Suniva's line of high-powered modules is made with our highest quality and reliability standards.

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