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Northern Graphite Announces Strategic Partnership With Panacis Inc.

published: 2012-04-11 15:54

Northern Graphite Corporation  is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Panacis Inc. whereby the parties will assist in developing and promoting each other's Canadian products and services with respect to Lithium ion batteries.

Panacis is an Ottawa, Ontario based company that is a global leader in intelligent, high performance Lithium Polymer battery based energy storage systems. It is a trusted supplier to the military, telecommunications, medical and renewable energy markets for mission critical applications where "off the shelf" commoditized solutions cannot compete. Panacis is familiar with most Li ion battery manufacturers, selects the best rechargeable battery technology for its applications and tunes its performance to meet demanding requirements. Panacis has comprehensive engineering capabilities that include battery systems engineering and integration expertise, power electronics, electromechanical design, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing and has over 20 patents/patents pending.

"Value added processing including the manufacturing of spherical graphite for the Li ion battery market is a big part of our strategy moving forward" said Gregory Bowes, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Graphite. "We have already successfully made and tested spherical graphite from the Bissett Creek deposit and want to establish ourselves as a secure, reliable supplier of a high quality, Canadian made spherical graphite that has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Panacis has a great deal of knowledge and expertise with respect to the manufacture and testing of Li ion batteries and has established relationships with most manufacturers. This provides us with a very important window into the Li ion battery world."

Steve Carkner, Chief Technology Officer of Panacis commented that: "It is very important that we offer customers with sensitive and critical applications a secure, reliable Canadian made solution and it is to our advantage to encourage and promote the use of Canadian made spherical graphite in the Li ion batteries that we buy. We look forward to working with Northern Graphite to achieve this objective."

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