MEMC Receives 1,000 Volt UL Certification on Solar Modules

published: 2012-04-12 14:35 | category: News

MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. (NYSE: WFR) today announced that it has achieved a new quality and safety milestone, receiving 1,000 volt UL certification with the introduction of its Silvantis line of multi-crystalline 290W PV modules. UL is a global independent safety science company offering expertise across five key strategic businesses: product safety, environment, life & health, knowledge services and verification services.  With this certification, Silvantis modules can be connected in series strings of up to 1,000 volts instead of limiting such connections to the conventional 600 volts.  This provides significant operations and maintenance (O&M) and balance of system (BOS) cost savings.

A 1,000 volt UL rating means:

  • More modules can be wired together in each string to an inverter
  • More efficient and lower cost inverters can be used, resulting in significant cost savings
  • Decreasing the number of combiner boxes and wiring homeruns, meaning large scale installations can reduce their BOS costs

"Achieving the highest value with the lowest cost for our customers is our goal," said Vijay Chinnasami, VP of Global Module Operations for MEMC.  "Silvantis empowers customers to plan a PV grid with improved flexibility and freedom, and deploy large-scale cost-effective solar solutions with confidence."

Silvantis 290W 72 Cell Multi-Crystalline Modules are MEMC's high-power and high- performance solar PV modules from a proven manufacturer.


  • High-power, high-performance modules with a power range of 280W-295W
  • Positive power tolerance -0 to +5W
  • Tempered glass with anti-reflective coating for increased power output
  • Linear warranty backed by MEMC
  • 1000V UL 1703 certified by CSA              
  • IEC 61215/61730 certified by TUV-SUD

These product features pertain to MEMC product numbers: MEMC-P290AMC-34 and MEMC-P290ACC-35 (1.3 meter cable length).  

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