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ET Solar Launches New PV Modules at Ecotec 2012

published: 2012-04-16 15:15

ET Solar Group Corp. ("ET Solar"), one of the global leading solar PV one-stop solution providers, announced the launch of its new Moly modules and salt proof modules at the Ecotec exhibition in Athens on March 17th.

The Moly modules are high performance PV modules that employ new mono-like solar cells. With the cell efficiency of up to 18.2%, the module efficiency peaks at 16.1% and is very comparable to conventional mono-crystalline modules. Furthermore, the mono-like solar cells contain substantially lower amounts of oxygen, resulting in less than their conventional mono-crystaline counterparts.

ET Solar now offers 2 types of Moly modules. One has 60 solar cells on each module with a total power output of up to 260 watts and the other 72 solar cells with a total power output of up to 310 watts.

The other new PV module is a salt proof module for seaside environment. Salty air along the coasts is very corrosive to PV systems. With a special fluoro-compound coating, ET Solar's salt proof module is corrosion resistant and has already passed a salt spray test done by VDE.

ET Solar provides 25-year linear power performance warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty for both Moly modules and salt proof modules.

Dennis She, President and Chief Executive Officer of ET Solar, commented: "We are very pleased to introduce these new module products to our customers on a global basis. The new offering demonstrates our strong commitment and execution efforts to address our customers' changing requirement through robust R&D and commercialization efforts."

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