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BYD’s Strong Showing at Beijing International Auto Show

published: 2012-04-24 15:10

The 12th Beijing International Auto Show officially kicks off on April 23, 2012. This

year’s theme is “Innovate and Excel”. As a leading national brand in China, BYD attends the Show with a strong line up of cars and technologies. BYD takes 1,400m² of exhibition space, with two new models - the F3 Plus and Qin, the second generation dual-mode electric vehicle - making their world debut, three new world-class technologies - including the Remote Control Driving technology, the new Dual Mode II technology and Bi-directional Charging and Discharging technology, while four of its most popular models, the e6 Premier, S6, G6 and F0 also make an appearance. BYD’s theme for the Show is “Technology, Quality and Responsibility”, and the carmaker aims to bring a sensational technology show to the audience, building on its technology-focused and innovation-oriented corporate image.

World Debut of the BYD Qin and F3 Plus

The BYD Qin – a new generation intelligent and high-efficiency dual-mode electric vehicle – perfectly interprets the Beijing Auto Show’s innovation theme. The Qin’s dimensions are (LxWxH) 4740x1765x1490mm with a wheelbase of 2660mm, which gives the car impressive interior space. The Qin uses BYD’s completely new Dual Mode II system, with improvements on the first generation F3DM in efficiency, power and energy-saving. In hybrid mode the Qin can use both its 110KW electric motor and 1.5TID engine to output 223kw of power and 440Nm of torque. The 0-100kph time has been set at only 6.9 seconds and the Qin has a top speed of 185kph. In hybrid mode the Qin requires just 16rmb of energy per 100km, which equates to 2 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.


The Qin is also equipped with the in-car intelligent platform BYD-i using leading technologies such as telematics andcloud-computing, which offer occupants access to a full range of services 24 hours a day. Features such as roadside assistance, vehicle positioning, cloud computing, remote monitoring, music downloading and on line chat are all available in this intelligent hybrid model.

If the BYD Qin’s performance matches the Show’s theme of “Innovate”, then the BYD F3 Plus best represents the concept of “Excel”.

The F3 Plus delivers a dynamic exterior with smooth body lines and strong visual impact, and offers generously spacious cabin, which goes above and beyond its rivals’ offerings. The interior of the F3 Plus employs a neutral but rather appealing black and cream warm color style, and is more refined and intelligent than ever before. While the F3 Plus uses BYD’s self-developed 1.5TI engine, the highlight of the F3 Plus is the world-leading Remote Control Driving technology. As a high-end compact sedan, the F3 Plus easily exceeds its rivals in craftsmanship, safety, etc, and sets a new standard for this class of car.


Strong Showing of BYD Technologies

Apart from the world debut of the two new models, BYD also reveals three world-class technologies at the Show. The public appearance of the technologies not only demonstrates BYD’s leading position in the market, but greatly enhances the brand’s technology-focused image. The move also shows Chinese carmaker’s R&D capabilities to the world.

Compared to the first generation Dual Mode system, the new Dual Mode II system has great improvements in efficiency, power and energy-saving. With a high voltage, high-speed motor and high-density batteries, its power efficiency has been increased by 7% over the first generation, with the battery weighing half that of the F3DM, and the battery capacity reduced from 16kwh to 10kwh. Under pure EV mode the Qin can travel for 50km on a single charge.

In terms of electronic equipment, The F3 Plus is installed with a Remote Control Driving technology, the first of its kind among volume production cars. The Remote Control Driving technology allows many vehicle functions of the F3 Plus to be performed remotely only by a key. With the key in his or her hands, the driver can make the car start, move forward and back, turn left and right, and travel at a restricted speed all by itself, without the driver even being in the vehicle. It is a perfect solution when the parking space is not wide enough for the driver to exit the car once parked. In windy and rainy weather, drivers can even remotely move the car to his or her side without getting wet.

The Bi-directional Charging and Discharging technology ably demonstrates BYD’s strong R&D capabilities among pure electric vehicles. This world-class and subversive technology integrates the advantages of the high power of DC charging and the convenience of AC charging to achieve high voltage AC charging, allowing for electric vehicles independent of specialist DC charging stations. Meanwhile, this technology also expands the functions of an electric vehicle, creating amobile power storage station that can transmit electricity with stable power flow, which not only helps realize the function of inter-charging between vehicles, supply appliances (under 25KW) with power, also provide emergency power in the event of a natural disaster. This technology will revolutionise the way people charge their electric vehicles, a boost for marketing electric vehicles to buyers in terms of technical support and future development.

The DNA of the BYD brand has always been based in Technology, Quality and Responsibility. BYD’s success in the three areas means our commitment to innovation is paying off.

Strong Line up of Popular Models

In the past two years, BYD has improved its quality control process and further developed its R&D capabilities. Since 2011 BYD has achieved a number of goals in various areas. In terms of powertrain, the TID technology on the BYD G6 – self-developed by the carmaker – makes the Chinese brand in line with those in the West. In terms of electronic equipment, the BYD S6 integrates various advanced intelligent technologies, which have been so well received by the market that is fast becoming the best-selling new SUV. In terms of new energy vehicles, the BYD e6 – the first pure electric car targeting consumers in China – has come onto the market in Shenzhen and Hangzhou. The e6 is equipped with an advanced cloud computing system, and can achieve a range of 300km with a single charge (under normal road conditions) - the furthest among the world’s pure electric vehicles. It can also be fully charged at home in 6 hours by a charging cabinet, rather than at a specialist charging station, which has opened up a new era for electric family cars in China.

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