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GE PulsePOINT* Technology Helps Wind Operators Reduce Costs and Achieve Optimal Energy Production

published: 2012-04-26 14:40

GE (NYSE: GE) announced a new technology that can help give wind farm operators a competitive edge by identifying problems with wind turbines before they can cause downtime or major failures. Using advanced software, GE’s innovative PulsePOINT* Advanced Monitoring and Diagnostic Services help operators reduce costs and achieve optimal energy production by increasing wind turbine reliability and availability.

PulsePOINT incorporates advanced GE-proprietary anomaly detection algorithms with SCADA data and GE Bently Nevada condition monitoring equipment (if installed on the turbine). The system collects wind farm and fleet data from hundreds of turbine sensors and key SCADA control parameters. Currently running more than 150 unique rules and algorithms 24 hours a day, PulsePOINT detects and prioritizes anomalies in wind turbine operations and identifies the proper course of corrective action. This includes identifying wind turbines that are underproducing to ensure customers are achieving optimal energy production.

“PulsePOINT is just the latest example of how GE continues to expand our suite of service offerings, to provide even stronger support for our customers in the wind industry,” said Andy Holt, Wind Services general manager for GE Power & Water. “We are committed to developing new technologies that will further enhance the reliability and productivity of our wind turbines worldwide.”

This technology was developed over the past several years, with an investment of more than $3 million. PulsePOINT is currently operating on data from more than 12,000 wind turbines worldwide in GE’s fleet. Warrantied owners, operations and maintenance, full-service agreement and Bently Nevada condition monitoring customers receive the full capabilities of the services.

With years of experience in monitoring and prognostics of jet engines, helicopters, locomotives and oil and gas rotating equipment, GE wind customers benefit from the expertise and synergies across a number of GE businesses. PulsePOINT technology applies proprietary algorithms developed through a joint effort between GE’s wind business and GE Aviation Systems, using a combination of SCADA data, Bently Nevada ADAPT.wind condition monitoring equipment (if installed on the turbine) and other key inputs to monitor and prioritize turbine health. Further capabilities are planned to optimize maintenance.

GE’s wind service solutions are supported by the company’s advanced technology, global resources and service facilities and a network of skilled, highly trained local technicians who are closely connected to GE’s engineering organization. GE full service agreements also give customers access to GE’s suite of turbine upgrades that are based on new product evolutions and the in-depth product knowledge that only an original equipment manufacturer can provide.

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