BYD’s New Car 6B Rolls off Changsha Production Line

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BYD’s latest model – officially rolled off production line in Changsha on May 21st . Mr. Zhou Qiang, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of Provincial People's Congress of Hunan Province; Mr. Xu Shousheng, Governor of Hunan Province and Mr. Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of the BYD Group were among other VIPs and guests, attending the event. It marks the birth of another high-end model from BYD following the BYD G6 model – a new force in the B-class market.


6B off line ceremony

BYD's Changsha-based manufacturing site starts producing passenger cars

The official launch of the BYD 6B means passenger cars go into production in BYD Changsha industrial plant alongside the existing plants in Shenzhen and Xi’an. At present, BYD is planning to produce traditional fuel cars including the M6, F0, 6B and the pure electric bus series at Changsha plant. As per the company’s plan, the Changsha site will be capable of making 50,000 passenger cars and 1500 electric buses in 2012.

Major highlights of BYD’s upmarket masterpiece the 6B



The 6B is a brand new model from BYD, well demonstrating the carmaker’s mission of “Technology, Quality and Responsibility”. Its R&D team has substantially improved the 6B’s engineering and quality, combining advanced technologies and following the most stringent standards. The 6B features sporty styling, and shows great personality. The front makes a strong statement, with a sharp and unique headlight design. The rear is stylish, with the delicate double lines adding a dynamic quality to the car. The car comes with the company’s self developed 1.5TI turbo charged engine and a 6-speed tiptronic dual clutch transmission (DCT), well demonstrating the 6B’s sporty character.

The concept behind the design of the car is to maximise its space. It has a size of 4870mm× 1830mm ×1460mm, and a wheelbase of 2755mm. Both the front head room and rear passenger space rival its competitors. In terms of interior layout, the 6B has been greatly improved from previous models, with a more high-end styling and sporty design. Much of the interior fittings use aluminium alloys, and are chromium plated and thermo printed providing a very tidy solution, with the high-resolution LCD dashboard display adding another high tech element to the car.

Ground breaking In-car system BYD-i



BYD has applied its self-developed cutting edge technologies and developed the in-car system BYD-i and i-robot for the 6B, a great surprise for the market.

The BYD-i system incorporates four ideas including i-safety, i-efficiency, i-enjoy and i-link. I-safety means the system supplies the driver with functions like road rescue, real time information and regular vehicle diagnosis, etc. i-efficiency refers to two functions including the Cloud-key and Cloud-control. Drivers can remotely lock or unlock the car, switch on or off the air conditioner by a mobile phone, as well as identify the location of the car. i-enjoy indicates a full range of 24–hour news and information service and alsofunctions like i-chat. I-link means one can freely download music or update applications from the in-car terminal. The i-robot automatically appears on the centre console when the driver enters the car and switches on the power. It can communicate with the driver through expressions, movements and even language, making lively human-vehicle interaction possible; it can also 360° scan the conditions in and around the car, contributing to a safer journey. The model’s biggest competitive advantages come from its enhanced powertrain, intelligent technologies and configuration and increasingly high quality. BYD places high hopes on the 6B, and is looking forward to a surprising performance by the car in the market.

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