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Windreich AG and Swisspower Renewables AG Close the Deal for the Largest Wind Farm in Bavaria

published: 2012-07-10 14:57

Within a very short period of time, Windreich AG and Swisspower Renewables AG have closed the deal for the sale of the largest windfarm in Bavaria.

The sale was closed already last Thursday. Notarization took place last Monday- only three days before. “The teams of Swisspower and Windreich performed top-notch work and prepared the transaction excellently”, Chairman of the Board of Windreich AG, Dipl. Wirt- Ing. (FH) Willi Balz, Professional Industrial Engineer, stressed. Our projects are running with the precision of Swiss clockwork”.

When the project financing costs are subtracted Windreich AG gained a liquidity surplus of 14 million Euros from the sale. The windfarm, situated in the Upper-Franconian district of Hof, operates a total of eight windpower units of the type Enercon E-82 with an output of 2.3 megawatts each. The purchase contract which now takes force comprises seven windpower units with a total output of 16.1 megawatts. The first unit was already acquired by Daimler AG in April for the CO2-free “filling up” of the first 2,500 smart fortwo electric drives.

Overall, Swiss enterprises and private entities have already invested over 250 million Euros in projects of Windreich AG. This undisputedly makes Windreich Number One with regard to investments from the neighboring country in German onshore and offshore windfarms. “Regional proximity and the favorable exchange rate of the Swiss Franc as well as the extensive experience of Windreich AG and the prospect of sustainable reliable power output from German on-and offshore windfarms are the reason for this”, states the Head of the newly founded Windreich-sales subsidiary in Baar/Switzerland, Mr. Hans Peter Stöckl.

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