Gogoro Releases Viva XL, a Great Help for Family Grocery Shopping

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Gogoro unveiled its new Viva series product, Viva XL, on July 14. As its name suggests, Viva XL is an extra-large size electric scooter targeting household use with the hope of helping out grocery shopping for families. The Basic model is priced at NT$69,980 (US$2,494), whereas the high-end Belt costs NT$77,980 (US$2,779).

Despite of the COVID-19 surge, Gogoro still launched its new Gogoro Viva XL, which is the third scooter of the Viva product line. Targeting demand for family grocery shopping, the scooter features an increased under-seat trunk of 26.5 L (capacity of 2 standard 3/4 open-face helmets), 26-cm long footrest area, and 81-cm long seat, which really lives up to its “extra-large” name. 

▲ Gogoro Viva XL is available in 5 colors

Following the design concept of Viva series, Viva XL features lively style and contrasting colors along with various modular accessories that allow owners to create their own style. Moreover, Viva XL signifies Gogoro’s determination to transform the image of Viva models from being lightweight and small to being innovative and young, demonstrating to consumers that “Viva has grown up”. 

▲Gogoro Viva XL features an enlarged storage space

A major weakness of electric scooters is large cells that eat up the storage space. To solve this problem, Gogoro lengthens Viva XL and expands the trunk capacity to 26.5 L, allowing the scooter trunk to accommodate two 3/4 open-face helmets. However, do note that the capacity is measured based on Gogoro’s original helmets, meaning that the said capacity might not be applicable to larger 3/4 helmets.  

So what does a capacity of 26.5 L mean? It equals to the capacity of most of the mid-priced Gogoro 3 models. In other words, the Viva series is now comparable to its Gogoro 3 counterparts in terms of storage capacity and is no longer a small-size collection.

▲ Gogoro Viva XL features an extended footrest space

Although Gogoro asked a teenage golden retriever to demonstrate Viva XL’s extended footrest space, which is a little bit manipulative, the 26-cm long footrest space is indeed longer than most low-cost gas scooters. The model definitively provides more space for small family grocery shopping but is still too small for a food delivery box.

Nevertheless, Viva XL remains an ideal option for food delivery riders because Viva XL—with an extended 81-cm long seat—is as long as Gogoro 3. However, a Gogoro 3 is still more comfortable during the ride if a delivery box is attached at the back.

You may have noticed that Viva XL is arguably a clone of Gogoro 3 Premium. The Belt model is almost the same as Gogoro 3 Premium regarding their price, motor, body size, seat length, trunk capacity, and even their tire and rake angle. The only two differences between the two are the fact that Viva XL has an additional USB port and 1-cm narrower body.

Doesn’t it make choosing between the two series more difficult for buyers? The answer is actually the opposite. Gogoro’s plan is simple: Specs and prices of the Gogoro and Viva Series will only be more similar in the near future. What buyers need to do then is simply picking the one that looks better to them; for example, those who favor strong and colorful design can get a Viva model, while others preferring simple and low-profile design can go for the original Gogoro series.

▲ The Viva series builds a young, lively image (from left to right: Gogoro Viva, Viva XL, and Viva Mix)

That being said, Viva XL might be slightly more suitable for those who want to get a grocery shopping scooter because a basket can be added to the front. The Basic—the lowest-cost model featuring chain drive—is priced at NT$69,980, compared with the Keyless model priced at NT$72,980 and highest-cost Belt at NT$77,980.    

Gogoro claims that Viva Mix has won favor with customers since its release and was ranked second among the best-selling scooters in Q2 this year. Therefore, the electric scooter company is confident about expanding the Viva product line and is poised for the coming wave of scooter buying once the pandemic slows down.  

 (Image source: Gogoro)

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