SMA Expands Its Successful Central Inverter Family With a New 1 MW Device

published: 2015-02-12 15:55 | editor: | category: News

With the new Sunny Central 1000CP XT inverter, SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has expanded its product portfolio of central inverters in the upper power range. This new device will especially benefit PV projects, which require 1MW block bids. As part of the SMA Medium Voltage Power Station, the Sunny Central 1000CP XT inverters ensure a power output of 2 MW in the globally used turnkey container station.

“The Sunny Central 1000CP XT provides engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPCs) and solar power plant developers the advantage of easy and flexible plant design for Asian markets that usually plan projects in 1-MW generation blocks,” says John Susa, Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific Region at SMA. “The outdoor rating, OptiCool technology, extensive earthquake and wind speed tests as well as its highest power density in the market suggest that SMA’s Sunny Central 1000CP XT truly focuses on reducing Balance of System (BOS) components, maintenance and logistical costs for any solar power plant project. Combined with the Medium Voltage Power Station this is truly a great tool for any EPC or developer in tackling cost-competitiveness and challenging timeline tenders in the Asian market.”

The Medium Voltage Power Station, a complete container solution for PV power plants, MV transformer and switchgear successfully launched worldwide in 2013 have already been in global use in numerous large PV projects.

The Sunny Central 1000CP XT has the highest power density of all Sunny Central CP XT inverters at the maximum nominal power of 40°C and an output of 1.1 MW at 25°C. It also incorporates those proven features from the Sunny Central inverter product line that have been used with success in some of the largest PV projects throughout the world, such as the intelligent OptiCool temperature management system and outdoor installation at extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 62°C. This central inverter complies with all globally required grid management functions and is ready to provide reactive power around the clock.

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