AQT Solar Reaches Significant Milestone with CZTS Solar Module Prototype

published: 2012-08-08 14:39 | editor: | category: News

AQT Solar Reaches Significant Milestone with CZTS Solar Module Prototype

Company completes initial development in record time; 60 Watt module represents significant step forward in CZTS development

AQT Solar, a leading developer of low-cost CIGS thin-film solar cells, has announced that in conjunction with its’ moduling partners, it has developed a prototype CZTS solar module capable of 60 Watts power output, a significant power-density milestone for the company and the solar industry. AQT reached the prototype stage at an unprecedented pace by leveraging its unique, material agnostic production platform. This achievement validates that AQT’s commercial platform can support a diverse range of materials required to satisfy the demand for low cost, high efficiency cells.  AQT has had CZTS modules “under-sun” testing since early this year.

Studies to-date demonstrate that in addition to very low manufacturing costs, AQT’s CZTS solar cells have the potential to deliver a wide range of benefits to solar module manufacturers including:

Superior energy harvesting compared to crystalline silicon

Minimal mechanical yield losses during module assembly due to superior durability of glass substrates

Adaptable and scalable modules made using proven conventional materials and equipment

Availability in standard power sizes

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