New Energy Successfully Completes 2012 Build-Out of Patent Portfolio for Generating Sustainable Electricity

published: 2012-12-13 14:32 | editor: | category: News

New Energy Technologies, Inc.(OTCQB: NENE) announced that the Company has achieved its 2012 planned escalation of Intellectual Property engagement for commercial protection of the Company’s novel inventions. A total of 56 United States and International patent filings now cover important systems, methods, materials, and uses related to the generation of clean electricity using the Company’s first-of-their-kind technologies, MotionPower™ and SolarWindow™.

New Energy’s SolarWindow™, currently under development, is a see-through coating, capable of generating electricity on glass windows and on flexible plastics. MotionPower™ harvests the kinetic energy of moving vehicles when they slow down, and uses this energy to produce electricity. Both technologies have been successfully prototyped and featured at public demonstrations, and by numerous media outlets and publications.

“Over the past 24 months, we’ve worked to advance our technology from laboratory towards advanced prototyping, and eventual commercial deployment. Over the past 12 months we’ve worked equally hard to ensure that appropriate patent and trade secret protections are aggressively prosecuted in preparation for commercialization. The result of our efforts is a rapidly growing portfolio of intellectual property protection,” explained Mr. John A. Conklin, President and CEO of New Energy Technologies, Inc.

Today’s news follows the Company’s most recent patent filing for protection of brand new applications of its electricity-generating SolarWindow™. Scientists envision SolarWindow™ not only powering the estimated 85 million homes and commercial buildings in America, but additionally have identified products where the electricity generated on glass and plastic surfaces could be used for various point-of-use applications. Such applications would allow for the electricity generated on SolarWindow™ to be used directly on the glass surface or at points nearby, eliminating the need to transport the electricity to a building’s central power supply through its wiring systems.

“The prospect of engineering today’s passive home and office windows into tomorrow’s self-sufficient see-through power generators stands to significantly improve the way in which we power our lives,” continued Mr. Conklin.

“Alongside the scientific and engineering breakthroughs which advance our technology towards commercial launch, we place an equal emphasis on patent development, intellectual property rights, copyright, patents, trademarks, and know-how. These are important value elements of the technology commercialization process, which we plan to continue aggressively pursuing in the 2013.”

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