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Gintech Energy Corporation Launches its PID-free solution and high efficiency Diamond Series at PV EXPO 2013

published: 2013-03-01 9:57


As PID (Potential Induced Degradation) solution on solar cells results in less power decay of solar system, Gintech Energy Corporation, a global TOP 10 leading cell manufacturer, announces its PID-free solution and monocrystalline high efficiency solar cell “Diamond Series” at PV EXPO 2013, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, Feb 2013.
PID-free is regarded as one of the solutions that could prevent undesired power leakage caused at high system voltages; this topic also gets more and more important in worldwide PV system and solar parks; after six months’ endless efforts, Gintech’s solar cells not only have passed severe PID tests by its high-end European customers, but also by PI-Berlin, one of the European pioneer PID research institutes in Germany that provide photovoltaic test analysis, evaluation and research services. Gintech has started mass production of high performance PID-free cells for Japan market in 2012.
Besides PID-free solution, hot-spot free solution remains basic requirement for high quality PV modules. With high-quality wafer Gintech sourced and through severe quality monitor system by using PL (Photoluminescence) equipment as well as shunt resistance, reverse current and IR (Infrared Thermography), Gintech’s solar cells have achieved hot spot free solution with higher safety level.

Gintech’s newest monocrystalline solar cell “Diamond Series”, as announced at PV EXPO 2013, is the only cost-effective solution for 60pcs of 270w module; it is proven PID resistant with multiple EVA suppliers and it provides square cell available with 2% more power output. The design of Diamond series is compatible to the present module process and its reliability decay is the same as the mainstream products. Diamond’s performance with higher power output is attractive for the next energy generation and Gintech is ready to provide to worldwide customers.
Gintech Energy Corporation has continued dedicating itself to develop high efficiency quality cells and providing optimized PV solutions for its clients. Not only does Gintech adopt the state-of-the-art automated production equipments to ensure competitive edge, but also endeavor to streamline its production processes through effective utilization of human resources, materials and capital. Gintech’s current product series includes High Power Diamond and Douro Series, as well as Colorful Phoenix Series.
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